District team 2022

The district team spokespersons were elected at our Annual District Meeting 2022 and are responsible for the following areas:


District spokesman: Ralf Miltenberger (sprecher@amnesty-bb.de)

Campaigns:  Stefanie Krebs-Pahlke (aktionen@amnesty-bb.de)

Media and public relations: Lena Barth (presse@amnesty-bb.de)

Asylum: Michaela Streibelt & Nicolas Chevreux (asyl@amnesty-bb.de)

Fundraising and Finances: Trixi Wolff (finanzen@amnesty-bb.de)

Student groups: Jassin Irscheid (hsg-unterstuetzung@amnesty-bb.de)

Young people:  Jassin Irscheid (jugend@amnesty-bb.de)

New members: Friederike Römhild (mitglieder@amnesty-bb.de)

Group support: Friederike Römhild (gruppenbetreuung@amnesty-bb.de)

Office: Stefanie Krebs-Pahlke (buero@amnesty-bb.de)

Human rights education: Regine Voß & Stefanie Krebs-Pahlke (menschenrechtsbildung@amnesty-bb.de)


Coordination of dates for upcoming activities: termine@amnesty-bb.de

Website: homepage@amnesty-bb.de

Responsible for website translation into English is: Uta – Amnesty Berlin-Brandenburg English Speaking Group. 


29. March 2022