Brave – Filmvorführung

Brave: Human rights defenders in West and Central Africa

The film “Brave: Human rights defenders in West and Central Africa” portrays the journeys and inspirational stories of women and men human rights defenders from across the region. Since January 2014 Amnesty International has documented the arbitrary arrest of at least 87 human rights defenders in West and Central Africa. The Brave Campaign is for human rights defenders to be empowered, safe and supported, alongside thousands who are inspired to act with them against injustice.

„This film is a tribute to the men and women across the region that still face danger for fighting for human rights, our rights. All the states must recognize and protect their legitimate work. In many countries in West and Central Africa, including Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea and Niger, human rights defenders are the targets of harassment, arbitrary arrests and torture.”

Marie-Evelyne Petrus Barry, Amnesty International West and Central Africa Director